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Nov 8 (Reuters) An earthquake swarm that began in a secluded northwest Nevada region this summer has grown more intense in recent days, increasing the chance of a large quake occurring, geology officials said.

The activity is centered just off the Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags state northwest border, some 40 miles (64 km) southeast of Lakeview, Oregon, and started July 12 , the Nevada Seismological Laboratory said on Wednesday.

Over the past three months, the laboratory has recorded some 550 incidents of seismic activity of a magnitude of 2.0 or larger, while there have been three magnitude 4.0 or higher quakes since Oct. 30.

On Tuesday, the area was rocked by a magnitude 4.6 earthquake, the laboratory said. Geological Survey said that roughly a dozen quakes between magnitude 2.5 and 3.6 shook the area on Friday.

The laboratory said that following swarms like these there is a slight increase in the likelihood that a larger earthquake will happen.

The current swarm resembles one that occurred in Reno, Nevada, in 2008 that shook the area over a two month stretch with increasingly strong temblors leading to a magnitude 5 quake that caused moderate damage in the area, the Laboratory said

Hurricane Odilemade landfall early Monday with an intensity unprecedented for Mexico Baja California peninsula. The Category 3 storm made a direct hit on Cabo San Lucas, a popular tourist destination, bringing 125 mph winds and six hours of rain.

According to Luis Felipe Puente, national coordinator of Mexico Civil Protection agency, there have been fake designer bags no confirmed deaths as of Monday afternoon. However, he said 135 people have been treated for injuries in the state of Baja California Sur.

Widespread power outages, flooding and wind damage were reported as some residents and tourists emerged late Monday morning to assess the damage the powerful storm left behind.

Room windows at the Westin replica louis vuitton handbags were blown out, mud and rock blocked the entrance to the Club Regina aaa replica designer handbags and workers said the Hilton was seriously damaged.

The newspaper Tribuna de los Cabos reported people being injured by flying glass, power lines and traffic signals down throughout the city.

(MORE: Hurricane Odile Forecast)

The hurricane most severe impacts have been in cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk the municipalities of Los Cabos, which includes both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, and La Paz, which lies north of Los Cabos and is the capital of Baja California Sur.

The storm is continuing to move north northwest roughly along the axis of Baja California.

Below are the latest updates, including photos and videos as they come in to The Weather Channel.

After Antonio Brown launched his luxury men’s footwear brand LVL XIII, his gamble on entrepreneurship paid off in a way that other fashion entrepreneurs only dream about. Fueled by social media and a red hot debut party hosted by model Tyson Beckford, a slew of celebrities from rappers Nas and Jim Jones to actors like Nick Cannon, Tracey Morgan and Jason Sudeikis were wearing his shoes. Fashion bloggers were enraptured, and editors from Details and Ebony came calling.

Brown was still enjoying his success earlier this year, with plans to expand the brand into apparel and women’s sizes. But in June, everything came to a halt. That’s when the Atlanta based startup cheap louis vuitton bags from china whose name is pronounced Level 13 filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against another firm that it claims copied its distinctive trademark. But not just any alleged copycat. The defendant in the suit is the most valuable luxury brand in the world: Louis Vuitton, worth $28.4 billion, and its similarly Paris based parent companyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the biggest luxury conglomerate in the world.

“I took everything I had financially to build this brand, and there were days that I didn’t eat, couldn’t pay my rent,” Brown told me in an interview. “I had to build the brand and I did. For someone like Louis Vuitton fake louis bag to come along and do this, it’s not right.”

Brown, 1:1 replica handbags a former accountant, decided after he was laid off from luxury doll maker Alexander Doll Co. to use the opportunity to start his own company, and he came up with some very audacious designs for high top sneakers. Patent and Trademark Office. When singer dancer Jason Derulo wore a pair on Morning America in June 2013, the telltale metal plates glinted in the spotlight as he did acrobatics on the stage. The patent was approved in August 2013, and after the brand launched in stores in November 2013, it sold $500,000 worth of shoes within two months.

In March 2014, Louis Vuitton released the “On the Road” sneaker that the lawsuit claims infringes upon the brand’s trademark. aaa replica designer handbags It features metal toe plates attached to the front sole of the shoe, as well as the back. It doesn’t have the screws, and obviously, it doesn’t have LVL XIII engraved on it either, but LVL XIII had sought and was granted a trademark for that signature metal plate on the front of the shoe feature, Brown says, and the suit argues that the Louis Vuitton shoe’s plates are “confusingly similar to the LVL XIII Toe Plate” and “impinges” on the goodwill associated with the brand. District Court for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, where LVL XIII has its showroom and where Louis Vuitton has its North America office (it and its parent company LVMH are headquartered in Paris). It accused Louis Vuitton of trademark infringement and unfair competition, claiming the company acted in a “deliberate attempt to divert sales away from LVL XIII” and “benefiting unlawfully from the goodwill LVL XIII has built in the toe plate trademark nationally.

It seeks an injunction to keep Louis Vuitton from producing and selling any shoes that use the toe plate, and seeks damages and profits from the shoes that Louis Vuitton has already sold with its toe plate. Brown says that he and his New York based patent attorney, Ronald Coleman replica louis vuitton bags of Goetz Fitzpatrick, had approached Louis Vuitton to resolve the issue replica louis vuitton outside of court, but the brand refused.

“I’ve always been the type of person to give the benefit of the doubt, and considering they’re a company that is built on integrity and that they’ve been around for decades, I had hopes that it was done by mistake aaa replica designer handbags ,” Brown said.

After I contacted officials with Louis Vuitton North America, they sent this statement: lawsuit is entirely without merit, and the company will vigorously defend itself.”

Brown Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags , who said he has always greatly admired the Louis Vuitton brand, found out about the sneakers while he was at a shoe factory in Brazil.

“Honestly, I was shocked, I needed to see it for myself,” Brown said. “Out of all the brands, the largest luxury conglomerate in the world. I would have thought that they wouldn’t have made that mistake, would have done their research.”

Since the release of the Louis Vuitton shoes, customers have accused his brand of being the copycats on social media. “They’d ask ‘are you collaborating with Louis Vuitton’ on my social media pages,” Brown says.

In the fashion industry, such cases involving shoes that consider a particular design feature their trademark have gone to court before, and they can be tricky. In 2011, Christian Louboutin, which holds a trademark for the red soles of its shoes, sued Yves St. Laurent could still sell red shoes with red soles.

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